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"You will not find a better cameraman than Glenn Aust. He is skilled, reliable, creative, always willing to go the extra mile and one of the nicest guys in the TV and film business. I would not consider doing a shoot in the Northwest without Glenn and his excellent crew."
Julie Cohen – Director "RBG", the movie & "Julia Child". Academy Award Nominee
Cohen Productions

I worked on a very fast turn-around project for the History Channel and the interviews needed to match very highly produced footage. Glenn matched the look beautifully so that the original and the new footage were interchangeable. I loved his lighting, his crew and his company. He was recommended by all the people I trust and I'd work with him again in Seattle or take him anywhere if I had the budget for that."
Martha Spanninger – History Channel

"Glenn worked for me on the Dateline NBC constantly. He was my 'go to' guy and was an invaluable asset to the team. Glenn is a wonderful DP, a true A cameraman, able to lead a crew, light with aplomb and shoot fantastic b roll. He has a steady and positive personality, and is someone who I would hire without blinking to cover any story from breaking news to a sensitive process piece."

Susan Franks - CBS/NBC

"Glenn has done some of our most challenging shoots for the Oprah Show.  He handled all the details with grace and skill and the results were outstanding."

Melinda Morrison, HARPO

"Glenn Aust is a long time friend and colleague. He has shot many of my American Stories with Bob Dotson, which air on the NBC Today Show. Glenn has always been my first choice for cameraman because he is one of those rare people who can show us things we might miss, even standing next to him. He also helps the creative team around him do better than they think they can. His deep knowledge of the media business will serve you well. Years from now, you'll be proud of your decision to hire one of our best."

Bob Dotson – NBC News